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This is as good as it gets

The one question any athlete shouldn’t ask themselves is, ‘what if things were different?’

I’m in need of just five points to win the 2015 FIA World RX Championship title – Would I ask myself ‘What if I had done just a little better in one of the twelve races so far?’

No way! I did my very best in each and every one of them. Period!

I never ask myself ‘what if’.

Actually, I have enjoyed every day after the penultimate race in Italy in mid-October. I have been proud of being in a position where the advantage is pretty solid and the championship title will be decided in the final round.

We could have decided the title fight in Italy by winning the event.
But we didn’t.
End of story!
Last time out I managed to clinch the championship with two World RX races to go. For my first ever World title, in the 2003 WRC, I was one point behind (Loeb and Sainz) before the final round. With me winning in Wales and Loeb taking second place in that amazing event, I managed to win the title by one single point!

I predict an even closer FIA World RX Championship in 2016 – That’s exactly why I enjoy these days; ‘cause I probably will not experience the exact same thing ever again…

So this is probably as good as it gets!

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Compared to the 2003 WRC Championship, I’m in a totally different position before the 2016 (World RX) finale; I’m 26 points ahead of my closest rival (Timmy Hansen). Since there’s a maximum of 30 points to be given out during a World RX weekend, I would need to score 5 points to secure the title. That means I need to qualify for the semi-finals in Argentina!

In 24 FIA World RX races ever I have never missed out from a FIA World RX semi-finale!

No ‘what if’!

I am very well prepared ahead the final race of the season. My self-esteem is high after nine podium finishes from twelve races so far – my team is prepared – we will work in the exact same way as we always do at races; not thinking about results – only performance.

We refuse to wake up on the Monday after a race thinking that we should have done something different during the weekend.

That’s why there’s no ‘what ifs’ on our minds; we act when we need to act. Or it’s too late!

In my opinion athletes worry too much about things that cannot be changed. Thinking too much before an event is the whole reason for people being nervous!

Take a few seconds to think about that.

Everyone has been there before; thinking ‘what if I wasn’t that nervous before the start?’

I tell you this: If all preparations has been the best possible, then there’s nothing more to do and no reason at all to be nervous.

Sports is all about hard work, targets, winning and losing.

Sometimes you win, that should make you excited. And sometimes you lose, which should be indeed motivating.

Because losing is just a necessary obstacle on the road to victory!

Believe me; I know…